‘노블레스 컬렉션’은 예술 작품의 보급에 앞장서고자 아시아의 하이엔드 라이프스타일을 선도하는 매거진 노블레스가 선보이는 새로운 개념의 전시공간입니다. ‘노블레스 컬렉션’은 동시대 작가들의 다양한 창작 활동을 소개하고 매달 노블레스가 발행하는 프리미엄 매거진을 통해 작가와 작품을 조명합니다. 더불어 온라인 채널을 통해 지속적으로 작품 및 작가 정보를 전달하고 편리하게 예술 작품을 구입할 수 있는 친근한 아트 플랫폼으로써 친근하게 다가갈 것입니다.

Established for the popularization of art, ‘Noblesse Collection’ is a new digital marketplace for fine art by <Noblesse>, the magazine that leads the trend of high-end lifestyle in Asia. ‘Noblesse Collection’ exhibits and sells art online and offline at the same time and opens information and prices, helping consumers come closer to fine art and enjoy it at a reasonable cost. In the meantime, five premium magazines such as <Noblesse>, <artnow>, and <Noblesse MEN> in Korea and <Noblesse> and <artnow> in China will spotlight artists and their works. ‘Noblesse Collection’ will be a new channel for introducing creative efforts by artists of our time to the audience.

Along with five leading high-end lifestyle magazines in Asia, ‘Noblesse Collection’ selects artists and introduces their artwork and interview. By doing so, ‘Noblesse Collection’ presents them an experience of communication with the public and continuously selects and supports promising artists, helping them grow and become a world-renowned artist.

‘Noblesse Collection’ wants to be a new channel for introducing art pieces by an artist who needs communication with the public. Artist and their artworks selected by ‘Noblesse Collection’ will be found online and offline.